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Started by Dasuhu, 01/20/2003 11:20AM
Posted 01/20/2003 11:20AM Opening Post
Timeline by Zumdalh 4th edition chemistry book (college textbook)

2000 B.C. Egyptians believe sun is a boat sailed by Ra

400 BC Eudoxus: earth is fixed, planets roll on sheres (explanation for strange movements of Mars in the sky)

100 AD Ptolemy: modified Eudoxus' model to account for apparent direction reversals

Copernicus: sun-centered system
Kepler & Galileo: elliptical planetary orbits
Newton: laws of physics

Einstein: Relativity

4000 years pass by and the truth of physics and planetary movements changes dramtically. Faith in Ptolemy's model for 1000 years, on "science" were wrong. Even the greats of just a couple centuries ago never ever completed an accurate answer as later scientists had to add adjustments. Now we have Einstein's theory (now this is a little out of my league).

Theory: hypothesis for a natural occurance
natural law: an observed behavioral occurance
Laws: something that can be observed to happen every time given certain circumstances

Look up the word "science" in the dictionary. If you don't believe in religion or anything of that sort, but believe in science, then you're in the faith boat whether you realize it or not (now if you want to argue, then argue the third eidtion of the American Heritage dictionary not me). Now if you don't believe in religion or science, then... hmm, I'll have to think about that one