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Started by Jozeph, 08/07/2003 05:09AM
Posted 08/07/2003 05:09AM Opening Post
...some folks have already left this forum or are getting ready to. We all need a break now and then, but I hope they come back. It gets to be a hot kitchen in here sometimes, not one that everyone would want to go in. Some of us get very passionate about politics, but passion needs to be tempered with humor and even humility at times... and of course I do see some of that here. A little suggestion though: We have a rule in another political forum I go to that doesn't allow ad hominem attacks. Spending energy attacking the poster, rather than debating the information, and pretty soon there is bad blood, the forum has become an arena, and whats left? Fortunately I don't have time to come here all that often, so my break is built in. ;-) OK, that was my 2 cents worth. As you were... May the neon be with you!