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The "Old Man" in Cyberspace...

Started by wpaolini, 10/07/2010 02:29PM
Posted 10/07/2010 02:29PM Opening Post
Was curious of what other Christians feel about coming across the Old Man when in Cyberspace? Online communities operate quite a bit differently from F2F communities and some people get more intimidated by the open long time viewing of their words whereas at the other end of the spectrum some people become a little more agressive as they have the veil of the Internet to hide behind so it seems less threatening.

In Scripture we find Christ reacting to him in different ways, at times witnessing, at times instructing, and at others casting out saying Satan be gone (reference Mark 8:33).

So was curious, since interaction in the online setting operate fairly differently than in the typical F2F setting, was wondering if your choice of reacting does as well?