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Unique Conditions in Our Earth/Sun System- Part 1

Started by bstratton, 01/03/2003 05:09PM
Posted 01/03/2003 05:09PM Opening Post
Here are some reasons which show that us humans live in a unique situation that shows to some people design ,and to some good fortune. Whether you want to attribute this to a God is up to you.

1) The location of our solar system. Were it nearer the center of the Milky Way galaxy, the gravitational effect of neighboring stars would distort the orbit of the earth. And based on current concepts of the universe, scientists have calculated that at the edges of the Milky Way there would not have been enough of the needed chemical elements to form a solar system like ours.

2) The earth's orbit is almost circular, unlike comets which have a wide elliptical path. This prevents us from experiencing death-dealing extremes of temperature.

3) The earth is the right distance from the sun. Professor David L. Black in his book-'Our Universe: Accident or Design?' said: "Calculations show that had the earth been situated only 5 per cent closer to the sun, a runaway greenhouse effect (overheating of the earth) would have occurred about 4000 million years ago. If, on the other hand , the earth were placed only 1 per cent further from the sun, runaway glaciation (huge sheets of ice covering much of the globe) would have ocurred some 2000 million years ago." Venus is too close to the sun, Mars is too cold.

4) As it orbits the sun once a year the earth travels at a speed of about 66,600 miles an hour. That speed is just right to offset the gravitational pull of the sun and keep the earth at the proper distance. If that speed were decreased, the earth would be pulled toward the sun, and the temperatures would be too hot. However, if Earth's orbital speed were increased, it would move farther away from the sun, and be too cold.

5) The earth rotates on it's axis once a day, the right speed to produce moderate temperatures. Venus takes 243 days to rotate. Just think if the earth took as long! We could not survive the extreme temperatures resulting from such long days and nights. To be continued -see Part 2