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virgin joke

Started by Mark229, 08/27/2006 10:26PM
Posted 08/27/2006 10:26PM Opening Post
Well, I sure stepped in it, didn't I?
Was my joke racist? Some think so. I meant it as a "poke" at a religious belief. Was that any worse than calling a person who believes in God a mental moron who lives in a fantasy world? I've seen such in this forum.(although I haven't visited it lately, and maybe there's less now than 2 yrs ago). How have creationists been recieved in this forum lately? And, no, I'm not a Genesis creationist.
What brought it to mind was some discussion on TV about the cartoon of Muhammad with a rocket in his turban, and the outrage of many muslims. Where is the outrage when someone-Muslim or not-verbally attacks Christianity today with the practices of Christians 100 or 1000 yrs ago?
And, for the record, I do know some Muslims. A couple of them thought the joke was funny. Not all will. I can live with that. Can you?