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What is Truth?

Started by pkamm, 01/15/2003 05:39AM
Posted 01/15/2003 05:39AM Opening Post
Seems after seeing some discussion that much disagreement and debate arises from a fundamental difference in perception of what the root of truth and reality is. To quote Pilate, "What is Truth?"

Atheist Foundation:
Premise: The truth is out there. You only need to seek it.
Assumptions: The real world contains sufficient information and physical laws to explain nature and existence, given enough time and science

Theistic Foundation:
Premise: The truth is in the sacred text. You only need read it.
Assumptions: The writings are divinely inspired and thus the word of God

Two fundamentally conflicting models of reality.
Posted 01/15/2003 08:05PM #1
I don't agree. Truth, by definition, has to be founded in reality and real principles, not perceptions of those principles.
What is true for one MUST by definition be true for all.

Historical revisionism is an example of how the "truth" of an event can be distorted over time. Or even think about the difficulty a jury has in deciding the "truth" of an event or accusation.

So, my thesis is that truth must be universal and reality-based. If one had perfect knowledge of everything that had ever happened in the universe, and everything that will ever happen - then one would have found truth. A lofty goal to say the least.

So if there is a supreme being(s) who "possess" all truth - then it/he/she/they have a perfect knowledge of everything - and with that perfect knowledge of what we call scientific principles or laws, like space/time - they would know how to use them to bop around the universe, appear in burning bushes, impart a portion of the truth to "prophets" who could "see" the future, create and destroy worlds, planets, stars, beings, etc....

If there is not a supreme being, then given my defintion of truth - we are all only knowers or seekers of parts of truth - together on a long long we might as well get along.

John's 2 cents