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What should you pray for?

Started by NebSteve, 08/09/2010 08:11AM
Posted 08/09/2010 08:11AM | Edited 08/09/2010 08:16AM Opening Post
Seriously people pray for the silliest reasons; especially obtaining "things".

Here are my guidelines:

If you pray for something you can work hard for and get, don't waste God's time, get back to work. That's why you were given abilities.

If you pray to solve a difficult problem, OK, fine, but also get to work. Use your resources, call your friends, get out the encyclopedia, ask an expert. All were put here for a purpose, make good use of them. Let them excersise their tallent. They'll feel all warm & fuzzy and you're likely to get your answer.

If you pray to get "more" of anything, live longer, win the lottery, win a game, beat an enemy and so on, it smacks of greed, and it's no wonder the answer is no.

If your prayer is free of greed or pride, if it lacks any personal gain, if it's intended for the benefit of someone else, now you're getting warm. OK, take a little time to look into your own resources, tallents and know-how. What strings can you pull, or influence you have to help another person have a better day?

Everything has some purpose, find it and make good use of it.

Now, having read all that, would it really matter if you were an ex-patriot Catholic, a Chistian Fundie, Jewish, Muslim, Buhdist, Agnostic or Athiest? Nahhh, it's just a matter of digging in.

Putting it back into a religious context; don't leave a task in God's hands that he assigned to you. If you have a problem, a fear a desire or a thing going own it.