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When we come to know and praise God...

Started by wpaolini, 10/14/2010 08:38AM
Posted 10/14/2010 08:38AM | Edited 10/14/2010 08:39AM Opening Post
Some of the words of the Chilean miners who have been rescued…recognition of that which many cannot see, do not see, or will not see, the presence of God…

--Kneeling in prayer one miner says he looked back on his life and is now a different and changed man.

--Another miner thanks God he is alive and says he now knows why he is alive.

--And yet another said that there were actually 34 of them, because God had never left them alone.

--For one miner, he explains the struggle, that he was with God and he was with the devil while down there, and they had both fought for him but it was God that won. He relayed that God took him by his best hand, the very hand of God held on to him. He believes that God does test people and is happy that this happened to him because it was the moment in which he was able to change.

--Finally, one praises with the poetic, "Under the earth there is a ray of light, my path, and faith is the last thing that is lost ... I have been born again."

Thanks be to God for His saving hand in the lives of these men, their families, and to those around the world who heeded the call of God either in person, in skill, or in prayer. There was much taught by God, and much to be learned by His children from this work. Special blessings to all those involved.
Posted 11/10/2010 02:15PM #1
I had heard bits and pieces of this but not all of this. Thanks for the post.

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC, USA

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"Yeah, I nearly had it a couple of times."