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Anybody Watching the Olympics?

Started by drachal, 08/12/2016 05:51PM
Posted 08/12/2016 05:51PM Opening Post
I've gotten interested in watching men and women's volleyball. Back in 2003, my son and I dropped by the Olympic training facility in Colorado. I remember seeing some of the girls on the US team. Those were some tall, slender girls. smile

Darian R.
Posted 08/12/2016 08:48PM #1
I love watching the Olympics, if for no other reason than having an excuse for not doing the dishes and other chores. :-) In fact, I'm watching the Olympics right now (Brazil-Australia women's soccer…and I don't even like soccer). The dinner dishes can wait until a commercial.

The first summer and winter Olympics I remember well are Mexico City and Grenoble in 1968 when I was 10. I saw some of Tokyo and Innsbruck in 1964, but those didn't leave much in the way of big memories.

In 1984, my wife and I were living in Southern California and we had the pleasure to attend water polo at Pepperdine University and basketball at the Forum (we saw the USA's last amateur team crush Uruguay). A co-worker and I took two clients to baseball (then a demonstration sport) at Dodger Stadium (USA against somebody).

I have a couple of tenuous personal links to the Olympics:
- My dad taught Chemistry at the high school my wife and I and our three kids graduated from. One of my dad's ex-students was in the Olympic trials for the 1972 games for pole vault, but didn't make the team.
- Snowboarder Andy Finch was a year ahead of my oldest daughter at the same school, but I don't know if she knew him or if he took my dad's class.
- A high school classmate was in the Olympic trials as a skier in the late 70s or early 80s (I can't remember which games or if it was for downhill or slalom). She was doing well until she crashed and broke something.
- The son of a high school classmate was on the US water polo team in London 2012 (Peter Varellas).
- The nephew of one of my wife's friends is on this year's US water polo team (Alex Obert).
- I have never once been invited to the Olympic trials. I guess Amateur Observing/SCT Class is NOT an Olympic sport.