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Wow, hideous Uniforms

Started by richartisticwoods, 11/01/2015 10:13AM
Posted 11/01/2015 10:13AM Opening Post
I'm glad they are showing the Pittsburgh/Cincinnati match up today, but I just can't get past those Uniforms of Pittsburgh. They look like Giant Wasps, with those stripes. It almost detracts from the game smile , but apparently someone in management thinks they look really cool. I like their regular black and yellow uniforms but boy those horizontal stripes just don't make it IMO.
Posted 11/01/2015 06:22PM | Edited 11/01/2015 06:23PM #1
Richard I would have to agree 100% and Bengals 24 Adam Jones gave a cheap shot to Steeler's player that looked like he was trying to help Jones up. I would think Jones would take a beating only weighing in at 180 lbs. I didn't see the rest of the game.
Posted 11/06/2015 07:56AM #2
LOL. Yeah, reminded me of the old SNL skit, "The Killer Bees".

Stoopid out loud.

So what IS up with the Bengals this year? 8-0 (!)

Looking good and providing very entertaining games.

They've been a whole lot of fun to watch this year.


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