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Wow, possibly the worst call ever in a super bowl?

Started by richartisticwoods, 02/01/2015 07:11PM
Posted 02/01/2015 07:11PM | Edited 02/01/2015 07:27PM Opening Post
I'm stunned. The Seahawks had it in the bag with a miracle catch and with 1 yd to go and 3 downs to get it, the sideline calls a pass play??

You have Marshawn Lynch, and could give it to him to make a 1 yd TD and they throw a pass into the pack?

Amazing game, but boy that had to be one of the worst call I've ever seen in the history of Super Bowls. A total shame that Seattle literally Gave it away.

Oh well, there's always next year smile
Posted 02/01/2015 09:28PM #1
Posted 02/02/2015 02:19PM | Edited 02/02/2015 02:19PM #2
I turned on the game after Laura and I came home from church, just in time to see the Patriots open the scoring in the second quarter. That was a really great game, IMO, the best I've ever watched or listened to, and I remember the first one in 1966 8O . It was at least as good as the 2004 games in which Tom Brady and the Patriots nipped "my" Panthers in a real offensive show. (I wonder if I'll ever see the Panthers put in another appearance there, or my hometown Jags? cwy ).

It was a mostly a well played game. Tom did give the Seahawks a bit of a handicap with those two picks he threw. After that circus catch on the ground, I was sure that the Seahawks would cash in. Who'd have thought that they would have passed the ball and passed it to the most congested area in the field?

Maybe next year your Broncos will make it there. What's the story on Peyton, is he going to play another year or bow out?

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC, USA

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