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First Light: M42

Started by tvdavis, 02/27/2005 07:45AM
Posted 02/27/2005 07:45AM | Edited 02/27/2005 08:21AM Opening Post
Hi Everyone,

I recently aquired an STL-11000XM and last night was first light. I haven't shot flats yet so this image was dark reduced only. After I get the flats I'll reprocess, but I just had to see what this camera could do.


AP 155 EDF f/7
4" field flattener
STL-11000XM LRGB 100:40:40:40 min
all frames bin x 1

Clear skies to all,

Tom Davis
Inkom, ID

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Posted 02/27/2005 09:08AM #1
Nicely done, Tom. You've handled the big dynamic range of this object very well. How long were your subexposures?
Since you have a lot of exposure time on this, I'm a little surprised that we don't see more detail in the Running Man, but I'm guessing that will show once you flat it out.
Excellent first light for this camera.

dan kowall
Posted 02/27/2005 09:56AM #2
I wish you folks would stop posting images taken with this camera... it makes my wallet start itching! wink Great image Tom!

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Posted 02/27/2005 10:09AM #3
Beautiful image there Thomas! grin

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Amateur Imager
Posted 02/27/2005 10:44AM #4
Beautiful image, Tom! It looks like a great scope/camera combination.

Posted 02/27/2005 02:11PM #5
If you can do this in your FIRST DAY OUT, cannot wait for your "more experienced" shots! wink

Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

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Posted 02/27/2005 02:15PM #6
Thanks everyone. I'll see if I can get some Ha data (this camera is not very Ha sensative), and flats. Then I'll reprocess and post.


Starsearch Observatory
Lat 42N 47' 00" Long 112W 10' 47"
Elev 1752m
Posted 03/01/2005 08:03PM #7
WOW...Very well done!