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How to use Meade DSI on LX200GPS with focal reducer?

Started by castanho, 01/31/2005 07:50PM
Posted 01/31/2005 07:50PM | Edited 01/31/2005 07:54PM Opening Post
I'm new to CCD imaging and was considering the Meade DSI.

I was reading literature on Meade DSI, the question I have is how to use the Meade DSI with a 6.3 focal reducer. Reading up on the focal reducer says to connect a #62 T-adapter to the focal reducer, how do you connect the DSI to the T_adapter ?Where should the focal reducer go , at the rear of the SCT or after the micro focuser? From what i've found on the internet the ccd should be about 87 mm behind the 6.3 focal reducer so I assume you just can't install the focal reducer on the back of the SCT followed by the microfocuser then the diagonal the the DSI, this configuration seems longer than 87 mm and focus may or may not be able to be achieved or the focal reduction ratio would be way off?


One possible solution I've found is a SCT to eyepiece adapter from scopestuff, but the distance is far shorter than 87 mm, I then found that a meade barlow with the lense removed would extend this adapter close to 87 mm, will this work? SCT,focal reducer, SCT to eyepiece adapter, barlow with lense removed, then the DSI?

Am I just reading to much into this , Meade has no information on how to use the DSI with focal reducer, but all of their example photo's use them, anybody have any experience with the DSI that could help?
Posted 02/01/2005 04:12AM #1
Frank, I've tried this already...

I had the Focal Reducer right on the SCT rear-cell, then I had the WO Crayford Focuser (William Optics), and then the DSI (NO diagonal used for imaging...) and I was able to focus just fine. (You can replace my crayford focuser with the Microfocuser, everything should be fine)

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Posted 02/02/2005 07:14AM #2

If you remove (unscrew) the nosepiece on the DSI, you should be able to thread it to the #62 T-adapter. That's the setup I use with my Canon 10D and the 6.3 focal reducer and it works great.

I can send you a photo if that will help.

Posted 02/03/2005 02:23AM #3
Here are some options for you: