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M1 Widefield (LRGB)

Started by reconair, 01/07/2007 10:36AM
Posted 01/07/2007 10:36AM Opening Post
I was scrambling to get some imaging done last night before the Moon came up. It was quite clear and weather threatened to bring clouds. I set to work to get a color (LRGB) shot of M1 while waiting for M42 to clear the trees. I was able to get a fair amount of Luminance frames, but the rising Moon threatened to cut my color frames short. I was able to get 90s each of RGB frames before the Moon and some passing clouds made decent imaging impossible.

L=11m, R=90s, G=90s, B=90s
Takahashi TSA102/Losmandy G-11/SBIG ST2000XM
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Scott Busby

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Scott Busby
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Posted 01/07/2007 05:12PM #1
Lovely shot. It gives a real 3D aspect to the space and stars.
Great tracking and lovely star colours.

M1 seems to have a slight pinkish/reddish cast though. Perhaps a lasso, feather 10 pixels and colour balance using colour balance or levels for red would do the trick so you don't affect your nice background star colours.

Posted 01/07/2007 05:36PM #2
Wonderful Wide-Field shot Louis... gives M1 a whole different view... 8)
Keep it up!

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