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one more newby question

Started by vallentynes, 02/06/2005 07:28PM
Posted 02/06/2005 07:28PM Opening Post
Hi All
I want to get in to CCD photography. And thought this is the place to get some advice on starting out. Just looking to fine out what to look for in a camera, I have an lx200 10” and a 208xt coming in the mail for guiding. So my question is what camera do you folk think I should get to start with and why? I’m looking for a camera that will make the learning process as painless as can be. I live in San Jose CA. so light dooms are a consideration. I’m looking for a starter camera. And I like to shop used if I can. thanks in advance
Posted 02/07/2005 06:26AM #1
Stu had good advice. I also suggest going one step at a time--perhaps start with a webcam (or new Meade or Celestron planet cams) for an inexpensive start. Also no guiding needed, plus good fast results. Begin to learn some basic routines, processing, etc. (Actually, I now use a Starlight Express MX716 and still don't guide, but shoot 30 or 45 second images on my LX90). As for DSO's, there are so many choices these days: DSLRs, Starlight Xpress, SBIG, Attik, SAC, Meade...each of these brands has their own website on Yahoo Groups. Why not hang out on those groups and ask questions there? It's not as good as hanging out with some imagers in person at a club site, but you'll get a sense of the kinds of routines and issues that imagers of various kinds face.
Hope this helps a bit,