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Barbados Mission Webpage

Started by dpeach78, 07/15/2005 12:16PM
Posted 07/15/2005 12:16PM Opening Post
Hi all,

Lots there for you to Enjoy smile

Posted 07/15/2005 12:47PM #1
Hi Damian,

simply stunning 8O 8O 8O Thanks for sharing!

Best regards & clear skies,
Posted 07/15/2005 12:47PM #2
Zowwiee, Batman -
I would say mission accomplished!

Fabulous stuff.


Alan Friedman
Posted 07/15/2005 01:00PM #3
Stupendous!! I have no words for your work. Thanks especially for the Gamma Virginis work!

I wish I had your tenacity and was more your age. :S

Posted 07/15/2005 04:33PM #4
Hi Damian,

Wow, the images you obtained are exquisite!!! I can't wait for your encore mission. grin

Clear & steady skies,

Ed Roach
Posted 07/15/2005 05:46PM #5
Thanks to all for your feedback. Hopefully the 2006 mission will produce further improvements.

Best Wishes

Posted 07/15/2005 05:54PM #6
Congratulations, Damian! A trip to distant shores that paid off big time. I particularly like how well Jupiter came out. Just goes to show that if the seeing is there, the excellent imagery is there too. I just had a friend who returned from the Dominican Republic, but too much tropical storm activity to try anything unfortunately. Looks like you went at an ideal time before the Atlantic started churning up storms.

Eric Todd
Posted 07/16/2005 07:39AM #7
That's a stunning accomplishment, Damian.
I'm awed.

dan kowall
Posted 07/16/2005 08:21AM #8

Saturn and Jupiter are truly unbelievable. The rest is just superlative! wink
Thanks for sharing Damian.

Luca 8)
Solar Imaging Website
Posted 07/16/2005 09:06AM #9
Hi Damian,

Amazing!! outstanding!, thanks so much for putting that all together and sharing it.


Wes Higgins