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"Big Phil" and the Firebirds

Started by eafrica, 11/24/2017 04:19PM
Posted 11/24/2017 04:19PM Opening Post
Good evening, and happy Black Friday/Day after Thanksgiving for those who celebrate them wink

I'd been drooling with envy over the images and reports of the big filament over the Sun this past week in other forums, frustrated that I couldn't view it nor image it (work or clouds constantly getting in the way).

Conditions and circumstances finally allowed me to spend some time with the Sun today. I initially viewed it with my DS Lunt60: I was not disappointed. The DS really shines when interesting surface features are visible - the filament was okay in SS mode, but really leaps out in DS mode. And other filaments that were invisible unless I knew where to position the scope in SS mode were THERE in DS mode.

I was in "experiment mode" once again with our Quark filter though (I bought a ND filter to help boost contrast, and this was my first time to try it out), so I thought I'd image the filament with that filter. The filament was indeed visible visually with some slight help through the ND filter (my favorite view was still through the DS Lunt60). However, I figured the Quark would be definitely helpful with the boost in aperture and magnification. I set it up on my Borg 90 and used an ASI174.

So here's "Big Phil". 500 frames out of 1000 with the ASI174.

The filament images are my first successful use of flats in solar surface imaging. I was also hoping to capture some full disk images with the Lunt60DS, but clouds got in the way (and cleared after I tore down!!!!).


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Posted 11/24/2017 04:20PM #1
You want that in color?

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