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Started by Magic man, 07/19/2002 08:05PM
Posted 07/19/2002 08:05PM Opening Post
Ok guys I'm asking the $64K question. I'm new to this and want to know the best camera for the money is? I'm leaning toward a SBIG7 but thought I would through this out for comments. PLease be nice, no fighting, just truthful answers. A little back ground. I'm useing a C8, building an observatory, and computers are no problem to me. So let the fun begin!
Posted 07/19/2002 09:01PM #1
Hi Merlin,
I'm sure you'll get lots of responses. I just bought
a Starlight Xpress MX716, and I'm really enjoying it.
It's my first dedicated astro CCD cam, and though
the learning curve is steep, every time I pull down
an image, I'm happy as a clam.

If you are close to an Astro shop, you might pick up
Ron Wodaski's _The CCD Astronomy_ It's geared for those
who have AT LEAST $2000 to spend on imaging equipment.
I have a feeling it'll be outdated in about a year, but
there's some awesome info in it. Also, Ron has a CCD
calculator online:

I didn't make a final purchase until I used his
CCD calculator. I realized that with my imaging ota-6" f/5
SN-the MX716 would be the least expensive option for
the kinds of objects I wanted to image. The nice thing
about the SBIG 7's (and up) is that the guide chip is
separate from the imaging chip. Whereas the Starlight
Expresses use an 'interlining' method using the same
chip for imaging and guiding, thus possibly increasing
exposure times.

I almost bought a SBIG 5C used. But after looking at
the resolution and image fov on Ron's calculator, I
decided against it.

Have fun shopping! smile


Posted 07/21/2002 05:19AM #2
Hi Merlin,

here is a link to a comparison calculator for CCDs. So far only SBIG and SXPress cameras are included. The C8 is included too.

I hope it is useful