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CCD Astro-Photo's & Macintosh

Started by Craig Burlette, 09/09/2003 11:51PM
Posted 09/09/2003 11:51PM Opening Post
What CCD camera's work with Mac's? I am looking to upgrade my Vesta Pro and would like to know what systems work best with mac's.

Posted 09/11/2003 01:54PM #1
Hi Craig -

My older SBIG ST-8 will run on a Mac - but requires a SCSI interface, which has not been included in Macs for the last several years. I have to borrow an old G3 laptop back from my kids to run CCDOPS for Mac. The best bet would be to bite the bullet and get a Windows laptop - then you can use any camera and image acquisition/processing software.

If you are looking to use a digital camera with your telescope, there are many more choices.

Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman