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Darks & flats with a webcam: any info?

Started by Astrovale, 04/16/2003 07:14AM
Posted 04/16/2003 07:14AM Opening Post
Hi guys,
Is there anyone who can tell me how to take darks and flat fields with a Toucam Pro? I've seen them posted (somewhere for some other webcam) but they did not mention how they were obtained.
I tried to take some images with a cover on the scope (my idea of a dark frame) using the same settings I was going to use for an AVI of Jupiter taken right afterwards. They turned out as a series of very dark pictures with no sign of noise.
Furthermore, I'm in dying need of a "flat field technique" cause I manage to leave always at least one spot of dust that invariably ends up being in a strategic position when I try to image.

Any suggestion?

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