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Started by Astrovale, 02/17/2003 06:53AM
Posted 02/17/2003 06:53AM Opening Post
Hello everybody, My name is Luca, I'm writing from Italy and I am fairly new to the hobby. I started out about 18 months ago with a little refractor and then a little reflector. I never decided to try astrophotography with my previous instruments.
Now, I received a Nexstar 11GPS as wedding gift from a group of friends and I need some advice on a CCD camera to use with the above scope. My main interest is deep sky objects (love nebulae, of course).
Is there a good quality color CCD camera? How much quality do I have to be ready to compromise in order to reduce time using a color CCD?
Is the Fastar system the best way to go about reducing focal length, or a "traditional" focal reductor would serve equally well? In the latter case, which one would be the most indicated for my scope?
Thanks to anyone who'll take the time to answer my neophyte's question.

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Posted 02/17/2003 08:27PM #1

Congratulations! You have much better friends than I do.

I don't know much about CCD myself (I just had to respond). I'm sure you will get some help soon. This is a good group here at Astromart.

Posted 02/18/2003 02:09PM #2
Buy the book "The new CCD astronomy" (Ron Wadowski)
You can buy it from "Anacortes"
It will probably answer all your questions without you having to jump on line too the advice that you get here will probably come in small increments..why wait?
when you can open the flood gates?
Good luck with your new must be very happy..I know I would.
Posted 02/18/2003 04:18PM #3
Well Luca, A nexstar 11GPS is one of the scopes I own. I will say going to ccd imaging is a huge leap; there is very very much you will have to learn. Believe me, it is not easy. The suggestion for you to get the book 'the new ccd astronomy' is a very very good one and reading the book will do you well indeed. One-shot color cameras just aren't that great. The are much less sensitive; the best way to go is a monochrome ccd with a color filter wheel. There are many pro's and con's to the equipment you will choose, including your budget. What tradeoffs you decide to make is best left a personal decission once you have weighed the facts. The book mentioned before will help you make an informed decision, as well as help you get the most out of your equipment when you do buy it. These are decissions not to be rushed into, you will thank yourself later. For some CCD images through a nexstar 11GPS, goto my site at: