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Jupiter from Sunday night

Started by m87, 06/07/2005 04:47PM
Posted 06/07/2005 04:47PM | Edited 06/07/2005 07:46PM Opening Post
I've really enjoyed everyone's images here. I picked-up
a used ToUcam couple weeks ago, and starting to get some
decent images.

When I look at this image enough I think I see faint wisps
and loops everywhere -- lots of fine low-contrast detail
near resolution limit. Contrast intentionally set fairly low.
There are some very weak horizontal lines which I think are
from the ToUcam compression -- still trying to figure out
that one. Need to learn about photoshop.

StarMaster 11" F5.4 ELT
TV 4x PowerMate / extension tubes / wedge prisms / UV-IR cut
ToUcam 740 / K3CCD / Registax
15 FPS 730/1350 frames

- John B.

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m87's attachment for post 24779
Posted 06/07/2005 06:47PM #1

There is definitely a lot of detail there, you have a very large image scale and IMO it would look better if you down sized it some, very! good image.


Wes Higgins
Posted 06/08/2005 11:36AM #2
This is a really great image, John. If you think you're seeing minor artifacts due to Toucam compression, try setting the capture frame rate to 10FPS in KCCD. I believe I've seen documents alluding to the Toucam using hardware compression (to avoid dropped frames) when the frame rate is above 10FPS.

We look forward to more great images from you and your 'scope.

Posted 06/08/2005 12:55PM #3
Hi John,

A very detailed result. I much prefer the smaller image, and i'd disagree that youve lost detail. The huge original is rather noisey, and this further masks the true fine detail present.

South or North presented roughly up is also recommened...

A very promising result...

Posted 06/08/2005 06:55PM #4
Wow! Very nice. Lots of excellent detail! Congratulations!

Jim Phillips