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Jupiter this Morning

Started by Jim Phillips, 03/19/2005 02:36PM
Posted 03/19/2005 02:36PM Opening Post
Not the best seeing but good enough to have me out most of the night (7-8/10).

TMB 10" F/9
3X barlow, Registax. Photoshop.


Jim Phillips

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Posted 03/19/2005 02:41PM #1
Beautiful shot Jim!
Congrats! wink

Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

Ivan's Observatory
Lat 26N 16' 48" Long 80W 10' 48"
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Posted 03/20/2005 06:29AM #2
grin Hi Jim,

great image, very nice colour and smooth processing!! I have yet to image Jupiter, its been really bad seeing here lately and with Jupiter so low I figure its not worth the lost sleep! Maybe soon though, spring seeing may be just around the corner!!

--Mike W
Posted 03/20/2005 06:45AM #3
Hi Jim,

Beautiful!!, I have seen a few this year with a little more detail but none IMO with better color and processing, top notch!.
Just as Mike Wriths said I have yet to image Jupiter this year too, maybe in a few weeks.


Wes Higgins
Posted 03/20/2005 06:53AM #4
Hi Jim,

Superb image. I have never had seeing that good in the year that I have been imaging, one can only wish. smile

Clear skies,

Ed Roach
Posted 03/20/2005 02:28PM | Edited 03/20/2005 02:28PM #5

Solar Imaging Website
Posted 03/21/2005 08:15AM #6
That is a very nice image. I like the color you captured along with the detail. Very nice processing.

Posted 03/21/2005 02:51PM #7
Jim -

Just catching up from a busy weekend - wonderful Jupiter image!


Alan Friedman
Posted 03/21/2005 04:16PM #8
I like it very much Jim, your colors are truly very natural every time again just as previous season
best regards Jan