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Lacus Mortis, Burg, Rimae Burg, Plana

Started by oliver_p, 09/28/2005 12:48AM
Posted 09/28/2005 12:48AM | Edited 09/28/2005 12:49AM Opening Post
Hi all,

here the last image from my latest lunar session:

The westside of Lacus Mortis (Lake of death shocked ) show an interesting rille system (Rimae Burg) nearby crater Burg. South of Burg can the much older crater Plana be seen, named after the mathematician Giovanni Plana. It's floor seems to be flooded by lava execpt for the central peak.

Cheers & clear skies,
Posted 09/28/2005 02:57AM #1
Excellent image Oliver, even more so for such poor conditions.

Ed Roach