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Mars May 28 2003

Started by Wes Higgins, 05/28/2003 06:36PM
Posted 05/28/2003 06:36PM Opening Post
Hi ,

Another early Mars ,
I am having some difficulty with the
color and limb brightening , I hope to get
an IR blocking filter soon and maybe that will
help with the color .
Starmaster 14.5 F/4.3 at Approx. F/21.5 (5x Barlow)
268 frames from 780 ,Toucam Pro

* CM 274
* 11:45 UT
* Di 12 arsec
* Alt 32 Deg


Wes Higgins

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Posted 05/29/2003 06:25AM #1
Great pic Wes! lots of detail jump out of this one!
Can't wait for these stinkin' clouds to move away!!!!

Take care, and thanks for sharing!


Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

Ivan's Observatory
Lat 26N 16' 48" Long 80W 10' 48"
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Posted 05/30/2003 02:00AM #2

Nice image smile

The IRX filter is a must for mars.
Mine arriving from germany in a few days. Hope to get down to business soon.
Posted 05/30/2003 05:40AM #3

Mars is always a challenge, visually, CCD or film. Key is to start early and practice until you find some settings that produce decent results. Large scopes are nice, but with the little sucker so low in the sky I'm often limited to 8" apperture or less. Having said that, its great to have the big gun ready to go just in case conditions are right :-)

I have never used IR blocking filters so I can't provide any advice. It can't hurt. I have yet to manage capturing that gorgeous and delicate salmon color of the planet. Heck, some folks in the Solar system observing forum have sketches with better color rendition than most Mars images I've seen!! Talk about talent.

Keep up the good work!