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My 1st attempt at Mars: need some help!

Started by Astrovale, 08/12/2003 12:44AM
Posted 08/12/2003 12:44AM Opening Post
Hello everyone,
at last I was able to set up hunting for Mars. I took a couple of avis even if the seeing was bad. After processing the avis I obtained images that show a very evident blue halo on the lower right hand side of the planet and around the polar cap. All my movies produced similar results (I enclosed the best).
Can anyone tell me how to try to avoid this blue halo effect?
However it was obtained with a Nexstar 11 @ F25+Toucam Pro 250 stacked frames (out of 1200 to attain an 80% stacking quality!) exposure 1/33, 10fps.

Thanks for any help.


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Posted 08/12/2003 01:11AM #1
Great mars image, there is a fairly easy fix for the halo in Photoshop. See my post in the User Film and CCD photos forum:

I'd be doing some imaging tonight if the weather here was better (I just heard a thunder clap :-)


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