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Need help finding an appropriate filter wheel!

Started by danielfreas, 02/15/2005 08:42PM
Posted 02/15/2005 08:42PM Opening Post

Well today was going to be the day I finally spent my grant money from Sigma-Xi. Alas the company I intended to buy some of my equipment from is aparently no longer in business. Now I need help finding a company that sells something similar and is still in business.

I have already purchased a Starlight Express SXV M7 CCD Camera.

Now I'm looking for a flip mirror, filter wheel, and UBVRI filter set to go with it.

I found Murnaghan Instruments and had intended to buy the equipment from them since they had a "Filter wheel and close-coupled flip mirror ultra thin combo unit" that sold for $899.00 and a "Kron-Cousins Photometric set for CCD" that sold for $399.00. Unfortunately when the financial department called them to make the purchase they were told it was a small company that had since been driven out of business by their inability to compete with their larger competitors.

So fine -- I figured if they couldn't compete with their competitors then there must be plenty of other dealers out there with similar products. But my searching is not turning up much. Please help. I'm finding tons of sites about SBIG filter wheels and tons of other sites about RGB filters - I want neither of these. I just want a filter wheel (manual is fine, it need not be super fancy) with a flip mirror and a set of UVBRI filters. The only other requirements are that it must be compatable with the CCD camera I have already purchased and I would prefer it to be in the same price range as my original intended purchase (around $1300.00) since that is what I pitched to the financial department (they are supplying all of the funds neccessary beyond the grant I received for the project).

All help will be greatly appreciated...and the sooner I get it the better - I want to be done with the money side of this thing and get on to doing some photometry!

-Daniel Freas
Posted 02/15/2005 09:24PM #1
Cheap - see the SAC filter wheel. Only "manual" one I know.

For a flip mirror I'd get the Meade one.