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Need Help -- ToUcam Pro (840K)

Started by reconair, 06/18/2006 06:10AM
Posted 06/18/2006 06:10AM Opening Post
I have a problem with my ToUcam I can't seem to resolve. After a few captures (lately after just one) the computer tells me there is not enough bandwidth to continue capturing. I have to close down the camera and the ToUcam Vrecord program and reinitiate. I've tried this on two separate laptops with the same result. I think it might be a laptop setting, but which?

thanks for any ideas please.

Scott Busby
A.K.A. Reconair

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Posted 06/18/2006 07:53AM #1
I use K3CCD for recording. Works fine. I think it has a 30 day
free trial -- give it a shot.