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New to me Lunt 60

Started by eafrica, 10/29/2017 11:56AM
Posted 10/29/2017 11:56AM Opening Post
Hi all,

A new to Lunt60 Pressure tune arrived at our doorstep a few days ago. I was able to bolt its clamshell onto a Vixen dovetail and gave it a first light Friday morning (a bit rushed because the forecast called for clouds to roll in by noon).

First visual light was viewing the Sun through a sparse tree. Not the best view but it gave me a glimpse. I played a bit with the pressure tuner to get a feel for what it does. Views were good, and very reminiscent of my existing LS50 filter. The pressure tuning changes felt more global vs the changes to the view via tilt tuning (no surprise there if I understand it).

Then I got curious about the LS50 filter. Lunt officially told me that it "may work as a double stacker, it might not". Just in case it did, I threaded it on.


Talk about surface features coming alive! Things just became more obvious. Maybe they were visible in single stack, but they just popped in DS. Specifically, there was a filaprom that I just drooled over.

I decided to go for an imaging run when the sun was higher, but of course the clouds rolled in before I could get a decent shot. I still tried a video capture through the clouds. The attached image was the best I could get with clouds constantly rolling over the disk of the Sun. No chance at capturing the filaprom unfortunately.

Hopefully once the new equipment curse lifts I can shoot something decent.


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