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Poor Man's ED Scope: 50mm ViewFinder + Toucam

Started by fugardi, 10/27/2004 08:59AM
Posted 10/27/2004 08:59AM Opening Post
Folks, I was trying to figure out how to image tonight's lunar eclipse with my equipment. Unfortuneately, my olympus t-ring mount is broken and the field of view from my C11 or C90 is too small...

So I decided to try installing my Toucam on the 50mm viewfinder. First I removed the diagonal and the small screw that held it on tight. Then trying to resolve the 0.965" to 1.25" mismatch, I cut a 2" strip of aluminum from a pepsi can, and attached one end to the exit of the viewfinder with a hose clamp and the other end with a 2nd clamp waiting for the camera insertion. Remarkably the inside dimension is exactly 1.25" and the Toucam fit perfectly.

Then I took the whole assembly to the back deck, got a good focus, set the camera to 1/1500, brightness 50%, gamma 20%, saturation 20%, gain 20%, and held on for 22 seconds leaning the finderscope against the railing. The image nicely filled the computer screen (approx 12.5X magification) and 120 images were processed in Registax. The avi was shaking like a leaf and I'd say I practically held my breath for the 22 seconds. Image attached is pretty good considering.

Anyway, I will try to image the eclipse every 15 or 20min with this "poor man's" setup. It may work for someone else

Steve Fugardi

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Posted 11/02/2004 08:49AM #1
Here is my version of my home made guide scope. It started off as a Antares 8x50 right angle finder. I removed the diagonal and installed a Borg mini focuser. I normally have an ST-237 hooked up to it and use it as my autoguider guide scope. Works better than an Efinder. With the Borg mini focuser, it is easy to adjust the focus on it. I have it mounted to my scope with a Losmandy finder scope rings, so it is mounted solidly.

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