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Re: Olympus C2100UZ for astro photography

Started by Wes Higgins, 11/02/2002 02:26PM
Posted 11/02/2002 02:26PM Opening Post

I have a C2100UZ and it is excellent for Planetary
and Lunar photography , the 10x optical zoom is
nice , you have a wide range of powers with out
changing eyepieces .
It has a large internal buffer for sequential shooting a lot of images before it writes to the card .

The 16 second max exposure is very limiting for
DSO imaging though .

Wes Higgins

Posted 11/02/2002 05:46PM #1

Per your request here are some sample images
I took with the Olympus C2100UZ .

The 16 second exposure will limit you to the
brighter DSO such as M42, M27,M57 and others .
And of course the DSO images will not be as good
as a cooled dedicated CCD camera .

Wes Higgins

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