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Saturn: 2nd attempt

Started by Astrovale, 12/20/2003 02:10PM
Posted 12/20/2003 02:10PM Opening Post
Hello guys,

last night I decided to set up at 1 a.m. I did not think much about conditions, + the temperature was approx. 0° celsius, but I had to do something after a long time waiting for ANY opening in the clouds!
Eventually, I stopped imaging at about 6 a.m. and was in bed by 7.15. It is my first total night (I'm a novice) and I must admit it took a toll on me (I'm 42 yrs old). Some of my equipment had a little frost on by the end of the session and that was certainly a new experience for me!

However, this is the first result on Saturn.
NXS 11" @F25 (TV Powermate),
Toucam Pro+IR cut
10fps. 1/33 exp.

First result just out of Registax with a little wavelet and unsharp mask in Astroart.

Comments greatly appreciated!

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Posted 12/20/2003 02:29PM #1
Posted 12/20/2003 04:24PM #2
Very nice image Gianluca.

You can clearly see some distinctive cloud bands.

Great job, regardless of the conditions.

Posted 12/20/2003 06:36PM #3

Paul Maxson
Moderator - CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System
Celestron C14, Mewlon 250, Orion EON120, ASI120MM, Flea3.
Posted 12/21/2003 05:54AM #4
Beautiful job! You must have a real feeling of accomplishment. Staying up all night at 0 degrees C., frost on the tube and a beautiful image. Wonderful! Congratulations!

Jim Phillips