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Saturn catches up to M1

Started by rwodaski, 01/07/2003 02:20PM
Posted 01/07/2003 02:20PM Opening Post
Here is a merged image showing where Saturn was at 2:51UT on Jan. 5, 2003. (This was taken at 7:51pm Mountain Time at New Mexico Skies, NM).

The background image of M1 was taken about a week before Saturn covered M1, in order to eliminate any of the severe glow from Saturn. The Saturn image was taken at the time indicated above. I created the color image of Saturn from a set of RGB images, each 0.11 seconds long, combined in MaxIm DL. I then used Photoshop to composite everything together: a layer for the moons (amazing what you can get in a 0.11-second image with a 14" aperture!), a layer for Saturn, and a layer for the color image of M1. Saturn had a dark edge, so I boosted the contrast to eliminate this, and added a bit of glow to mask it further.

Taken with the Newastro Remote Telescope.

Ron Wodaski

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Ron Wodaski
New Astronomy Press
Posted 01/08/2003 06:28AM #1
Awesome work Ron!

I knew you would find the "WAY" to pull this one, but also knew it was going to be a tricky one due to Saturn's Glow...

Thanks for sharing with us,


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