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Seeing some great images recently

Started by chrishet, 05/04/2003 10:30AM
Posted 05/04/2003 10:30AM Opening Post
Thanks to all for sharing the great pics this past week. I've been unable to reply individually so here is a group Ya-da-boy!

I'll add my most recent. I wasn't able to get any color but will the next time out. Looks like I got some good L.

M101, AP130 f6, ST8XE, 20x3mins.


Attached Image:

chrishet's attachment for post 5671
Posted 05/04/2003 12:17PM #1
A very nice M101. Great depth and details. Stars are really round throughout.

Ron W

Ron Wodaski
New Astronomy Press
Posted 05/04/2003 03:07PM #2
Hi Dan, missed you this weekend, we had quite a crowd at Woodruff.

According to TheSky the faint galaxy you see in my image is:

Lenticular Galaxy
Other ID: CGCG272-18
Other ID: PGC49919
Magnitude: 14.9
RA: 14h 01m 25.6s Dec: +54°24'39"
RA: 14h 01m 16.7s Dec: +54°25'33" (Epoch 2000)
Azm: 39°12'04" Alt: +60°03'51"
Rise: 13:13 Transit: 00:51 Set: 12:34
Size: 0.8' x 0.4'
Hour angle: -02h 11m 17.9s Air mass: 1.15
From NGC5477:
Angular separation: 00°37'20"
Position angle: +267°06'
Posted 05/04/2003 04:09PM #3

Real nice image with or wihtout color. If you do get it be sure and let us see it.

Yes there have been some nice images posted here in the past few weeks and it been a treat to view them all.

clear skies,

Larry Citro
Posted 05/04/2003 09:27PM #4
Very nice image. A good candidate for colour.