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"The Imaging Source" further testing completed

Started by ctron, 06/13/2005 10:18PM
Posted 06/13/2005 10:18PM Opening Post
Hello again:

I had more opportunity to test "The Imaging Source" cameras. Comparisons have now been made regarding the DMK21BF04, DMK21F04, and CS8550DiF. The DMK's both have ICX098BL CCDs and the CS has the ICX424AL. The results of my findings:

The DMK21BF04 and DMK21F04 have the same sensitivity. The only difference is that the BF is capable of triggered input and long exposure up to 30 sec. Both of these cameras also have the same sensitivity as a b&w modified Toucam. They do offer, however, uncompressed frame captures at any frame rate whereas there is compression at all Toucam frame rates. Noise levels appear to be equal to the noise reduction modified (i.e. RAW mod) Toucams at 15 fps. The Imaging Source software, IC Capture, really isn't very suitable for astronomical use. It can be used with determination, as some have done, but it's far better to use different software, such as the program Alan F uses (but unfortunately nothing for Windows at this time).

The CS8550DiF has the 424AL sensor but for anything greater than 1/60 sec shutter speed, a trigger input is required. This is a serious drawback, IMO, and no further testing was done. It's cost is approx. $1120 US and also comes with IC Capture.

I have been using the Streampix demo with the Toucam for the last week. It's, without a doubt, the best software I have run across for camera control and image acquisition in the Win environment. Although written for industrial applications, the software works great for astronomy. Unfortunately, "The Imaging Source" cameras currently are NOT supported by the software- otherwise the quirks of IC Capture would be solved.

More to come in a few days/ weeks.