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Getting back into AP...need suggestions

Started by bigtasty25, 10/23/2019 02:09PM
Posted 10/23/2019 02:09PM Opening Post
ll is coming in south Florida and the humidity is finally dropping and looking to sell my 8” dob and get back into AP...I used to be more intermediate many years ago and had a CGE and 5” Meade triplet APO I used regularly for AP and loved it, but then got overly busy with 2 jobs.

these day’s I have more time and want a lower budget simple AP setup.  Thinking on settling on the Celestron ASGT EQ mount coupled with an AT RC6 which I hear is a good combo.  Back in the days I used cables galore and my laptop while setting up and centering objects, and  aligning and calibrating/polar aligning of course . How is it different these day’s, if any?  Can I use my iPad in place of my old ass laptop  and can I somehow ditch the usb cables and do things wirelessly with a device? Sky portal is it?  Of course I know I’ll need a t ring/adapter and all that fun stuff.  Have a samsung nx500 camera so going to use that puppy on this potential rig. I’d get an Astro modified cam but don’t think I’d see a big difference anyway.  Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated smile).