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Nebulosity 4 User's Group?

Started by rhodel, 06/12/2018 01:30AM
Posted 06/12/2018 01:30AM Opening Post
I apologize if this is a repeat thread, I was wondering if anybody knows of a user's group for Nebulosity 4? I recently purchased this software in an attempt to use my MAC for image capture, stacking and some of the post-processing steps prior to Photoshop.

The link provided at the Stark-Labs website appears to be a dead link.

I have just gotten started in DSLR astrophotography and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I still have a long ways to go, but I enjoy the learning process as well.



Canon T2i (modified) with 85 and 135mm prime lenses
Sky Watcher Sky Adventurer tracker
Posted 06/14/2018 12:05AM #1
Here is my first attempt at posting a photo....I took this photo of Sadr (Cygnus) from a relatively dark site, it is only 3 stacked subs (120s each) at ISO 800, ~F4or5, with a 135mm lens. Canon T2i (modified) and Sky Watcher Adventurer tracker (which I really like!!).


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