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First amendment vs. this forum

Started by streets, 02/20/2007 02:09PM
Posted 02/20/2007 02:09PM Opening Post
I was under the impression that personal viewpoints were welcome on Astromart forums. If I said something that was not positive regarding film photography it should be considered along with positive assertions.
Posted 02/20/2007 08:08PM #1
Ron -

A common misconception.

Unless the Police have showed up at your door to arrest you for something you've said, then the 1st amendment is not an issue.

This forum is Private Property - and if the owners/moderators wish to remove a post for ANY reason, they are within thier rights.

It's not like you are standing on a public streetcorner, holding up a sign. The 1st amendment doesn't apply.

-Kevin in Indy

Kevin in Indy 8)
Posted 02/21/2007 12:27AM #2
Positive vs. antagonistic. Posting a negative viewpoint to begin a discussion is fine (reference the last time you visited). Mocking the film forum for lack of activity serves no useful purpose and won't be tolerated. Start a discussion, don't start arguments. That's my call and it has nothing to do with the first amendment.