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Flatbed scanners and astro negatives

Started by starblue, 02/02/2006 07:28AM
Posted 02/02/2006 07:28AM Opening Post
Are any of the newer high-resolution flatbed scanners (e.g. the Canon 9950F; there's also a new HP one, I forget the model#) with negative attachments suitable for scanning astro negatives? I have no scanner and would like to get one that can be used for both prints and negatives. Thanks.
Posted 02/02/2006 12:52PM | Edited 02/05/2006 04:30AM #1

I use Epson 4870 to scan my astrophoto slides and negatives. It's great. Please see this:

I'm not familiar with the Canon or HP ones but I believe they are equally good. The bottom line is, find one which allows you to scan the film (not the print) at 2400dpi or higher.


Wei-Hao Wang