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guidescope opinions

Started by hankbuck, 04/11/2005 04:36PM
Posted 04/11/2005 04:36PM | Edited 04/11/2005 10:45PM Opening Post
I'm tired of manually guiding with my Lumicon Easy-Guider. I'm not yet ready to try an auto-guider (technologically trepedatious) but am considering acquiring a guidescope to mount on a Losmandy DSBS, with my 9.25 and a couple of film cameras attached. I plan to manually guide with this set-up for awhile, then I might possibly consider an ST-4, or whatever.
What do you fellows recommend in the way of a guidescope? Aperature, focal length, brand, attachment, etc. are all considerations. Price, too, I suppose.
Thanks in advance for any input.
David Vaughn
Posted 04/12/2005 03:12AM #1
I use the Astro Physics guide scope which has a nice tight focuser and good focal length. I guide with an ST-4. I might also add, surprisingly this scope is also pretty good on the planets as well. I didn't plan on that and it was a nice plus.

Mike Vollmer
Posted 04/14/2005 08:21AM #2
David, don't forget a really good set of guide scope rings. I have an 80mm Orion f/11 guide scope, works great, but the guidescope rings are really really bad and spoil the whole show.