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Started by phil426, 06/10/2007 11:30AM
Posted 06/10/2007 11:30AM Opening Post
Another picture from Nov. 3 2002 outing. Orion & Running Man on Kodak Gold 400, 35 min. With 1989 AP 152mm f/1300mm Starfire on CI700 mount guided with ST-5C on a Celestron 80mm. From the hills south of Kennewick WA.

The negative was printed very light with a blue/gray sky at my request- I used to have a nice print shop available with a very good film print/processor and a nice man to operate it. Since then the shop has closed but what was cool is when you can sit and work with this equipment to get the print the way you want.

The print was then scanned at home with a flat bed scanner and worked in MaxIm DL and Photo shop a little bit to darken the background and saturate the colors. This process works better than just having the negative scanned to disc. For some reason the lighter tones come out better.

The sky here has been cloudy since December except during full moons. I have to photo birds and my dog- which is still fun I must say. I'm still considering a Canon 5D but haven't popped for it yet. Maybe if the sky would get clear up I could get more excited about it.

I did see an unscheduled pass of the Space Shuttle during a brief clearing at about 9:15 on Friday night. It was going a little faster than the Space station goes and was very bright.

I hope for clear skys for the rest of you and maybe a small opening for my scope to poke through soon.


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Kennewick, WA.
AP 152(old blue)on CI700 w/80mm f/11 guider, C-8 on forks w/80mm f/5 guider, 20x80 binos, ST5C, 201XT, Ricoh 35mm, 20Da.
Posted 07/02/2007 06:11AM #1
Let me get this straight, you scanned the image and reworked it on your computer. Doesn't that mean that it's a digital image and you might be on the wrong forum? Happy to hear that you are considering a Canon digital camera. They are the best.
Posted 07/02/2007 02:05PM #2
Sorry to Phil Holt. Just another re-run. Thank you for posting. I'll leave now since I don't belong here either. Joe