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Need help with adapter

Started by wrroy, 04/08/2004 01:56AM
Posted 04/08/2004 01:56AM Opening Post
Hi folks,

I use a Lumicon Easy Guider with my TV85 with decent results. Now I want to use my TV .8 focal reducer. The problem is the focal reducer has a male T-thread (made to screw right into a t-ring), but the Easy Guider has a 2" male (made to slip right into the focuser. The Easy Guider is threaded for 48mm filters so something like a step down ring for 48mm to T threads would work. Does anyone know if such an animal exists? I haven't found one on the web. Alternately, is anyone using an Easy Guider in conjunction with a TV focal reducer? How is it done?

Thanks for any guidance.


Randy Roy
Posted 04/08/2004 02:25AM #1
Hi Randy,

Hutech carries all the Borg adapters and there are so many it gets really confusing but I'm sure you can find what you're looking for there. Their stuff is top of the line. The website:


Posted 04/23/2004 03:43PM #2
Hi Randy,

I've modified a Lumicon NEG and the TV85 flattener's 2" chromed barrel for OA guiding my TV85. But these modifications will only work with a TV85 with the older thumbscrew type retainer, not the compression ring type. The compression ring unit adds too much length to the focus tube, robbing critical "in" focus travel for this setup.

Is your scope a thumbscrew or compression ring type?

I can post a picture of it if you're interested.

John Boudreau