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NGC 3372

Started by maurice clark, 04/04/2002 12:13PM
Posted 04/04/2002 12:13PM Opening Post
One for the DSO-deprived observers in the northern hemisphere!
(Hey I know. I live there now!) <grin>

NGC 3372. Also known as the Keyhole nebula and the Eta carina nebula
A great object that is visible to the naked eye even in moonlight.

30 minutes exposure, Kodak Ektachrome 400.
5" f/5 refractor, prime focus.

The field is about 3* x 2*



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Posted 04/04/2002 04:43PM #1
Very nice pic. BTW, I had the opportunity to visit most of your website a few nights ago and really enjoyed it. Sounds to me like you have really put in some hours at the eyepiece!

Clear skies,
Mark Hansen
West Michigan

Mark Hansen
Posted 04/05/2002 11:37AM #2
Nice shot. Someday I hope to get far enough South to see some of those great DSO's. How do you like the E400? I use E200 and push it 1-2 depending on the object.