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Eastern Sierra - Mostly NOT Fall Color

Started by flusk, 12/06/2020 01:00AM
Posted 12/06/2020 01:27AM #10
After I hiked the Arch Trail (which is only about a mile long loop), I ventured over to another area I hadn't explored before. In Fordham’s book this area is called "Movie Road East."

Here is an interesting jumble of rocks, with Lone Pine Peak in the background and "Cyclops Arch" in the foreground just lower left of center. Cyclops is about 18” across and maybe 3 feet long. Within about a 100-foot radius of this point, I found three more small arches and one modest ground-level double arch.

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Posted 12/06/2020 01:28AM #11
The obligatory snapshot of "Face Rock," AKA "Miss Alabama."

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Posted 12/06/2020 01:28AM #12
Virginia Lakes - My one fall color scene worth showing, even though I had to oversaturate the colors.

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Posted 12/06/2020 01:30AM #13
Near the north entrance to the June Lakes Loop is this charming fixer-upper. A little paint, a little wallpaper, some carpet, some duct tape, and it will look like new. I promise. smile BTW, when we got into the June Lakes area proper, the smoke was so dense that it resembled the San Joaquin Valley's winter Tule Fog but smelled worse.

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Posted 12/06/2020 01:33AM #14
Last one....

This fixer-upper also includes a delightful detached mother-in-law cottage....for your delightful detached mother-in-law. cwy

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