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Use a scope for photography?

Started by streets, 10/17/2009 09:00AM
Posted 10/17/2009 09:00AM Opening Post
If you shoot in good light with a DSLR/telescope combination and would like more depth of field, here's a good solution for those who use a typical 80mm scope. I have found that the plastic covers on nut cans are 4 inches in diameter and a perfect fit on most of these scope's dewshields. All one need do is cut out a hole in the cover's center of whatever diameter you wish: I found that a 2 inch hole makes my f7 scope an f16. I blacken the cover with a chisel tip black marker to ensure no glare. I find that this system produces sharper images more often than those made without the light reduction cover in place. Cheap is good,free is best.