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Water Moccasin

Started by Kurt Horsley, 04/27/2003 01:29AM
Posted 04/27/2003 01:29AM Opening Post
Spring really brings them out. This picture was taken last Friday, 4-25-03. There were so many of these snakes cruising around that you could see two or three of them at any one time. Not good... -Kurt Horsley

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Posted 04/27/2003 05:25PM #1

Nice picture, but the head shape tells me that this is an eastern water snake. The coloration of the two is similar, but the head shape and some other head characteristics are very tell-tale. Water snakes are also much more common.

Not poisonous, but VERY aggressive. They will attack when they feel cornered, and can give a nasty bite that infects easily. I know this from some very personal experience .


Jeff 8O