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Who's your daddy longlegs?

Started by 3rd STONE, 08/27/2009 07:13AM
Posted 08/27/2009 07:13AM | Edited 08/27/2009 07:13AM Opening Post
...up close and personal. shocked Hanging out in my ficus benjamina.

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Posted 08/28/2009 06:12AM #1
He looks like he might have had a Daddy (who had) Longlegs, but it was born as a Crane Fly.
Posted 08/29/2009 09:34AM #2
Not sure where to pose this question.. so I will try several forums: What would be a better a route to take with my CANON D30... purchase a 80mm.ED refractor and use an adapter to mount my camera to, or buy a Telephoto lens like a SIGMA 50-500 and attach it... (will be using for Birding and wildlife shots, thanks for any suggestions, JM