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0-60 in 1.04 seconds

Started by RolandC, 06/12/2007 10:18PM
Posted 06/12/2007 10:18PM Opening Post
1/4 mile in 8.168 seconds

mama mia!
Posted 06/13/2007 02:39AM | Edited 06/13/2007 02:43AM #1
Roland Christen said:

1/4 mile in 8.168 seconds

mama mia!

hmm something isn't quite right...
assuming constant acceleration, you need almost 3.0g to push the car (ehh... bike) to 60mph in a second

(60mph ~ 100km/h = 27.8 m/s. v = a*t where v = 27.8 and t = 1.04 gives a = 26.7 m/s^2. knowing 1g = 9.8 m/s^2 the acceleration is 26.7/9.8 = 2.7g.)

downforce can push the bike to the ground, increasing grip at the tires. but at low speed i doubt there's much downforce to be generated. most spoilers are useless until you hit 50mph or more. (and that's why most hypercars top out the 0-60 time in 3 second. there's just not enough grip at the tires no matter how many horses the car's got)

is there something wrong with their numbers? :S