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1973 Mercedes 280C Restored (thanks to ATMing)

Started by toml, 04/14/2004 08:13AM
Posted 04/14/2004 08:13AM Opening Post
C is for coupe. which I still don't get as there's a big trunk. I wanted a 2 door and perhaps a 1969-1971 280 since those have the double stacked headlights I love so much, but the 73 sill has vertical headlight assembly (I lost interest in the design after about 1975 when they all looked like 240D), and a lot of style.

This one was the FILTHIEST car i'd ever seen, BUT... I could tell it had a good coat of paint under it all and most of the crud could be addressed. The chrome was so good and there was lots of it.

I especially like cars before 1973. The following year, the US forced these huge rubber bumpers to be 'stuck' on to Benzes, BMWs, and Bugs alike. The 'perfect' design on the bug has those 'plumers dream' crhome pipes for bumpers. After 73 or so, they were forced to ruin the lines (imo) by ripping of those bubbly bumpers and sticking on standard, big, american looking mostly rubber bumpers in the interests of safety.

Anyhoo, this one polished up nice and I put in new upholstery, hunted down all manner of missing doo dads, now completely original. Even found an original becker radio and secretly wired my iPod to it from a hidden location (modified ashtray) and tuned the engine and it's now a great daily driver.

The engine is strong straight 6 2.8L single carb. Here are some before and afters.


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Posted 04/14/2004 08:14AM #1
Lexol is your friend.

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