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Chick Magnet

Started by RolandC, 03/16/2009 03:02PM
Posted 03/16/2009 03:02PM Opening Post
It's time to bring the Mustango out again and drop that top.

The little pony spent some time in the spa this winter getting a little engine upgrade wink


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Posted 03/16/2009 03:20PM #1
That little engine upgrade resulted in 445hp, 415Ft-Lb. I can tell you that it is a different car altogether.

The stock GT is not a bad little mover, but this super charged version is sweeeet indeeeed. The power comes on instantly from idle when the pedal is pressed all the way to redline - no place where it fades a bit or peaks. The rear wheels grab hard and propel you forward with impressive acceleration. 60mph comes on in about 4 heartbeats.

One young fellow who found out the GT is nothing to mess with came up next to me at the light with one of those raspy loud cat-back exhausts hanging off the back of his WRX STI. Young and eager to put down another Ford. I let him get about 1/2 car length ahead and then nailed it. Man, was he surprised when the GT Mustango shot by him. I could see him shifting wildly, trying to find some gear with more speed. All I could hear was my rear tires breaking loose all through first and into second gear. And the Suby got smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror.

This is the engine combo Ford should have offered all along right from the factory. The engine sounds sweet from idle to the redline. No buzzing or other strange sounds, just the growl from the exhaust and the low whine from the supercharger.

The best part is that it's quite affordable. About $5,800 and several days of bolting things on (if you're handy around cars). The thing I was most afraid of was losing my gas mileage when just cruisin'. Not to worry, the mileage is the same, around 28mpg at 65mph, but of course it can drop quickly when really flooring it for any amount of time.


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Posted 04/18/2009 10:46AM #2
Old lady magnet. Time to crank up the air conditioning

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Posted 04/19/2009 06:06PM #3
I couldn't help but notice the license plate seems a tad more reflective than typical. Was that modified also? smile


Posted 06/09/2009 08:01AM | Edited 06/09/2009 08:02AM #4
Latest update from the streetfighter Mustango:

Subaru GT - spanked big time
Pontiac GTP - haha, not even close
Evo - got embarrassed by the mighty Roush Mustang
Harley Hog - no chance for this bike, not even close

Honda CBR - this was a fast little crotch rocket (make note to avoid in future)

2000cc custom chopper with very fat rear tire - now this bike really creamed the Mustango, faster yet than the CBR. His fat tire grabbed right off the line and left me smoking my tires. The bike shot forward with such ferocity that I had a hard time adjusting my eyeball focus. And it was LOUD! Like shotgun blasts going off at 6000 rounds per minute.